Lyrics zum Song Amber (Oktober 06)

a place afar away from life i don´t like to go but i stay all night
slowly creeping roots of scars made me scare these wooden arms
careful plans of Lunacy perpetual plain insight is real
forbears warns of mocking bird forebode me calm insanity

words of prey circle near picking eyes and the skin
sun is far to help the moon when the Dark is closing in

i'm wondering all the time what is true? what will remain?

so i shake in dreams never ending dreams will i ever wake? or form them

but i see, my amber is warding me divine and golden stream ascending sun is here to conquer  
and i see black feathers blow away ash wood ash disappears a gash in darkness peers
close your eyes, the beauty underlies a cheerful golden stream the helpful ambers' gleam, so feel it
the embrace of clarity is praised by those who cannot see a kind of colouring their mind and thoughts

and I am wondering all the time what is true and will remain?
golden tears golden blood golden shine defy the dark

atop the real is layered gold but if you Scratch the Surface cold
you'll find the the things we did behold it's changed the shape it's changed the role
but still it is the untold old only difference is a little bit
what keeps from life is now a golden cage