Lyrics zum Song Divine objection (Januar 06)

take all your senses to watch the world, contemplation
works so well, heart, kidney, lung, eye a panoraganic world
works so well, teeth in teeth to purpose, the mechanized world
works so well, all circles in harmony a cyclic world goes down

proclamation: and now for everybody  who prays: listen! there’s nothing new under the sun, development doesn’t change ANYTHING! so don’t blame anyone, don’t blame me!

do you like to see the truth? or what’s made of it?
people have the ability to believe in what they want

deep down in the mountains, where no shadows darken caves, there they lure, unseen, but known to, and shown by mankind to remind us of our non existent weakness, our destiny is to defeat them, the shadows, and solve their secrets to redivine the Nature of God

thus god was declared omnipotent, omniscient and omnikind
the world shows by itself his loss of might, knowledge or wills

by this facts of proofable truth, denunciating god
we have tried to reacquire his standing, oh Lord
we declared him as dead, to rescue all his names
and the Reputation of God

thus the glass of numbing Faith was emptied in a rhythm of pain,
we find ourself in the act, to refill it all again

calculate me destiny