Lyrics zum Song My Aged Yard (Juli 07)

riding on silk white breath, woven by death
in my aged yard, there’s a stone guard
observing, as do i, careful in wait
we both waited long, but i dared to return

the threnody began in the autumns dawn, shivers ran down my spine as i saw my love walk by.
the fog was closing in, softly touched my skin. leaves fell all around. i saw the sun go down.

so i hate what i once liked and i love what once has died
separated from the others, who are still alive

separated from my true love, she lives beneath the light.
a light that penetrates all but me i live in night.
the night is everlasting and so it is my grief.
grief and sorrow torture me LET ME RESURRECT

i start to struggle backwards to the world. harsh is the way    but i pull towards the fetters,
my anchors to my bygone life i knotted them once to anything.
anything i liked, but which does not return affection, will pull me towards Oblivion

the Roses on my Grave bloom and then decay, soon never sown again a barren place originates.
i feel you drift away in these foreign arms both soft and strong they take you away

so i let me drift away let the fetters go i dive in the night again where it is so cold
the company of the dead seems a true comfort, but still i hope to see those who let me go

i`m waiting for my time for my time i´m waiting for my time when you die