Lyrics zum Song My sanity (Januar 09)

when the weather strums all is howling gray, the pull is strong,
much stronger than the fetters grip which chains me here

when the night is brightly drowned in silver tears, the moon stands high,
i'm on the hunt, the pungent scent of blood leads me to prey
so i walk the paths, they are leading me to realms where the spirits bore
here i talk, listen learn. some are sure they endanger me, my sanity

my rage consumes the willpower, will keeps the rage in band
like snow covers hot sand, will is all which keeps the rage buried
i start the journey, ad astra, when i do the Sidestep

we'll shock the fan, and then we part the veil, embrace the wild
once a spirit, now born in flesh, a spirit of rage

gone so far away, gathered foreign sways, blue skies smile to my mind, i grab a cosmic thing
find the winding paths to, abysmal meridian bind yourself to the burden or go into rage

burn body, chill steel
we 're born with a soul that burns the body
frozen by a web

trust the pattern spider or burn, trust or you will die
but  fear infest of worms, you have to fear the wyrm!

join the rage, feast of poison
tear up bodies  bodies in every shape

backdown,  consist in theater
calm down, resist in shape
or douse in gloom