Lyrics zum Song Not The End (April 09)

end of the dream
the mask you wore it broke and was torn
in the fires of the sun your face will now burn
your eyes are made to see again,

Your flight has begun
hurled off from the top caught by the wind
damned by a god you are born with a fault
to know this this is your penalty

old as man    is the truth, those who live fast die young
uncertain what to do? don´t mind its going down

in the end it´s the same all life eventually
leading to all time the same, there is Death

I am thy soul and I bleed
dreadfully bright
a meteor with a tail
til we hit ground

early you can feel the acceleration of
the new gained stunning view freezes limbs.  no action.
then keep all time the same pace no more increasing
just free fall. light exists to be seen paint the sky
still i'm not down on the ground
Keep falling down
this is not the end
the light is within me again

after all this years the light above is fading
I can't go back to my youth again

I stop yearning for the good old days
face forward this is not the end

far is the ground way down and i'm still on my way
I've been falling so long and nothing has changed

don't touch the rocks they will smash you alike
you paint the sky and fly in your heart
you are the light and the more you bleed you paint the sky

the strength that I took for myself
the strength that I need to go on like blind
the strength that I got of the only thing
the strength to know that I am