Lyrics zum Song The host (Januar 09)

„I have“, said the general, thus as he would be tuned for a moment more friendly, but briefly instructively  „a friend who states the truth about a person from his mask. What she means is, that the person is telling the truth about his strategy by the choice of his mask.“

„ This friend should write a book; since she is right more than she knows. The mask is the outer truth. Not, because she tells of what lies behind, but because nothing is behind it. This is valid for the whole existence. This is valid of course also for all the literature.

 I have“, and here David with intuitive suddenness, now like in the past, the solution of a mathematical problem, the thought, that the most profound truth about her host who had told,-

solution, problem, the thought, profound, the truth, a lie
host who lives illuminate

 nevertheless as
-he lives as illusionist is consisted in the fact that he had no illusions at hand „...”

without a mask an illusionist