Lyrics zum Song about pieces (Juni 05)

I dreamed a dream of pieces lying They’re all around and all of mine

am I complete and built of one or put together without any plan
a morbid vision told me lies I am just one no pieces lying
I act as one I am whole no twilight’s there, in bright daylight
deep in myself I know the truth what I should be, how I should act

my entity is a simple thing my totality is thus secured
personality expounded clear i am whole, no pieces lying

a long time ago  I had been so sure but blatant cracks are guilt of doubt
is it possible? there may be more! my conflicting view parts me in two

I got to know the truth whatever meant to be
to unite myself again whatever meant to do

but i lay there in my dream overwhelmed by all my grief
now it’s time to scrutinize my mind

now it’s time to meet the unavoidable my curiosity is my drive
so I cut myself in two, then three now four and five
followed by six and seven after eight there was soon nine
ten, eleven and twelve thus the thirteen was but hard
fourteen and fifteen were it quite after sixteen there has it been my seven
seventeen was the last
but at last I stand alone
here I stand with my glancing saw

now I am herein too late I discern my disaster will retaliate
panic! I gather all again but the plan is lost    no repair

I tried to rearrange all the pieces mine doubtless I puzzle for a long time
I have to perceive me I have to believe me
damn! be the same once again

now I am herein I sit between my doubt
pieces all around