Lyrics zum Song Back from purgatory (Oktober 2005)

burning flesh smells screams of thousands endless plains of pain are seen therein

dead I am, the soldier of an Army called Legion
I am waiting for my task hope I will be quite useful
if not I'll be returned to a hell I don't want to see again
where our master had send us once and he may again

I remember how it has been I remember strangulation
resurrection decapitation resurrection immolation

I awake from my bad dreams we are told to be ready soon
in trance I gather my things now it's time to march again

here I am, the rotten man now I show them what I can
confronting the mundane It's not war it's slaughtering

as I walk down memory lane I realize where I am
I am back now where I've been as I was alive

Die Welt ruht still im Hafen du Sonne, gute Nacht!
Wenn Wald und Bäume schlafen, treu' Liebe einsam wacht.

lost in a dream feelings of safety warmth are capturing me

Der wind weht durch die Felder, Ähren wogten sacht,
es rauschten leis' die Wälder- so sternklar war die Nacht.

dead and disguised, I am believing in return to my life

ich bin so wach und lustig, die Seele ist so leicht,
und eh ich liebt', da wusst' ich von solcher Freude nicht!

emphasis is right, but love was taken from me like clothes undressed

oh könnt' ich alles sagen, oh wär' ich recht geschickt!
So muss ich still ertragen was mich so hoch beglückt.

Und meine Seele spannte weit ihre Flügel aus,
flog durch die stillen lande, als flöge sie Nachhaus.

I awake from my sweet dreams I know they can not be reached
slowly grows a grievous thought, and I'm fearing I am right
I'm in my worst of hells, it turns me in a ravenous being
now more than ever I'm a tool under my masters call