Lyrics zum Song Fell down the well (Januar 2010)

bathroom i notice
cleaning portis
helped by my otis
soon sauber is

please wear safety goggles at any time
user and bystander
never leave your country unattended
never leave your baggage undefended

fell down the well
smelling the smell
pushing it all down the rohr
i 'm a messiah of toiletia
prophet of the old new world

i like eating kuchen so gut
will ich versuchen und brot
flüssig und gerste tut not
ride on my bycicle zum see

du sail on boobs my du no way
sail on my assskin norway
my only sailermoon while laid
sail on my eierbrot so schön

der sinn des lebens
steckt in dem lied
sucht ihn euch selber
teilt ihn uns mit
so i and my bicycle
riding zum see