Lyrics zum Song Black wrath called (Januar 2005)

Rise! Up from deepest vault meet what is called
staring right into abyss the eyes see endless
time is rushing by the promised don't arrive
I wait until my time then I begin to climb

when I am back in might I will be like
a thorn sticking in the flesh of mankind
every wound will suppurate

my Immaculate longing for the passed
those pity, gentle and meek
in burning wrath I keep sadness do I seek
emotions I will eat so I prepare my meal

I've long awaited you And now you're here You still my hunger And I grow to old strength
(But you don't know)

You greed for the new I give it to you I'll mark you with my name I nest into your home
(But you don't notice)

I seed rage and fear Harvest pain and sorrow Your black emotions are my might
Those who suspect me suffer the most
But you don't defend

so I rise up from the soared to meet the ones, of old and pure
as I raped common men I felt the might return to be in my vain and in brain

but you don't break! The chains are much too strong you have to slip throughout
be patient against my whisper then you're released