Lyrics zum Greater purpose (Mai 2012)

where does it lead, what is the goal, everyone asks and wanna know
why am i here what gives me strength what if i fail or do sucseed
who cares about me when i'm in need gone the way too long alone
someone help me please

shut up! you talk only shit    shut up! just get rid of it.
why are you so stupid        you're a pain in my ass
shut up after all        shut up everyone
i tell you what is real        so listen what I say

trust in your fate, believe in this lie
suffer a bit, and give it a try
why can't you see, you're on your own
i just have one advice, better stop your yammering

your life has no meaning so why preservation?

come on get my point it's not hard to understand
i guess you are too blind to see this way will bring your dead faint
act proper now, change attitude and forget those sucked dry questions

your life has no meaning so try revaluation

get on your feet come on get real
if there's no god there's one you can trust
don't you know who am i talking about?
guess who? believe in your fucking self

once again no salvation more of those sucked dry questions

mankind in search of the chosen one
like an ancient curse ever reborn
neo paganism     will also not work
inqisition will come hide witch

and if it is satan that you think about whore shipping
turning crosses is evil no doubt indeed
and foremost pathetic to say if I'm allowed

I summarize take your notes listen and repeat

god is a failure so far
faith in yourself also sucks
all of the old gods are gone
satan's a whore and a wimp

 what's left now that helps you
there is no greater purpose