Lyrics zum Song Long way home (März 2013)

home, long way home
destination clear, but which road to go,
is not always sure, on my way
distraction everywhere, so where's my way back home

every day and night, confusing things in sight
slow me down, carry me away,
call from afar, pulls me back again
reminds me of, of my wanderlust.

one Drink, one drink, no regrets, feel free

mountains, valleys and plains i cross, borders cities people pass
i leave them all behind, as long as i know where i'm home

the call of home, it never fades, the sweetest sound, home awaits

i made my decision and i'm going
distractions left behind, facing my direction
nothing stops me, i want to end my journey
and finally arrive, where my home and family are
here is home

and while i rest my head i apologize
for roaming and all this madness
and now i know i'm here today and will be here tomorrow

but once again when the night comes in i realize that i feel the changes
the sound of home, the chords are wrong
my home nomore

it was a long way home but i did not arrive

but i can't deny this part of me deep restlessness
with worn out shoes listen to another song in the darkness
i wear them 'till my very end – i'm lost in despair
in my darkest hour i will start to roam again

now i'm alive inside is my home