Lyrics zum Trail of tears (März 2012)

the age of roaming was a hopeless straining time
every walk was cumbersome and a prone to death trial

with ease is left the place which benefits no more
land behind is like the past, mere memory agone
with ease left behind the home we had
the light has faded out, nothing is left

nothing's left    moving on        now we march towards the sun

step by step we make our way through unforgiving land
crimson skies light the path, leading to more sand
step by step on our way
mercyless relentless pursuit trail of tears
those we had to leave behind will be the vultures feast
their bleached bones they mark the way for the haunting ghosts

my time has come: the night

lord i have the strength no more i can't keep marching on
you're dying, come and join our side, let us embrace

and she comes to me in the morning light
with a flash of golden burning fire
wears nothing but her skin so white
she smiles at me her eyes shine bright

told you let me be, tears a hole in me
when i send you away, to never see you again

death wont capture me    i'm rejecting thee
i will keep my bones         never sell my soul
come and join our side    we will get you soon
don't you understand        No

i get up, on my own feet, the weakness gone
a hole new life pulsates in me, i never felt before

step by step i'm catching up
if i ever get back to those who left me to die alone
by night when the stars begin to shine vengeance is mine

i will creep into your minds, here i am your doom is certain
your hope will turn to desperation all of you must die